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Painting & sketches

1.LIGHT - Light is omnipresent. It is the cause of us perceiving everything around us. We see color because of light. In fact, color is light.

Light brings us joys – Joys of seeing what we really want to see. But we often forget what empowers us to perceive everything and bring that happiness - LIGHT.
I have tried to emphasize on this fact in all my works.
But in our everyday lives, we recognize everything around us as live or inanimate entities, neglecting light, which defines all that we perceive.
Light, can be directly represented by objects on which it falls. But what catches more attention is the form of the object, rather than the light itself. My paintings attempt to evoke a similar feel of Light, as an experience for the viewer, without the direct representation of any object.These works celebrate Light, as a joy-giver and an important living entity, with no less life than any other being.
2. CAR – abstraction- play with transparent color strokes overlapping on one another,

Dhananjoy Das
Art & Design Gurgaon, India