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ZED Magazine - ZED is a fictional monthly experimental typographic magazine that focuses on type in context. One year of covers is featured.
Concert Posters - Created posters for various bands at venues where they have performed
PLANET Magazine - At PLANET, I oversaw the production of each issue of the magazine. Working closely with
the Editor and Art Director, I got all print material ready for press, including initial layout design, artwork selection and editing, final production, and final press submission. I also designed specific sections of each issue, and have collaborated in the design of the covers, layout, and promotional materials, such as fliers, postcards, and issue announcements.
Say What I Will - A good friend of mine asked me to design the cover and the layout of her first novel,
Say What I Will. I jumped at the chance for to be able to be a part of author Julie Koppel’s
personal odyssey.
Notes From the Collective Unconscious - Notes from the Collective Unconscious is a collection of musings, thoughts, and beliefs on how one experiences the world represented through photographs and text. Through the mind, body, and brain, one can experience life, love, death, change, time, and anything that makes one uniquely human and in touch with the world.
Cricket Soda - Packaging for Cricket Soda in 3 flavors: Cola, Ginger Ale, and Cream Soda
Mix Shake Stir - Mix Shake Stir features classic and modern cocktail recipes and bar snacks from Danny Meyers's acclaimed Union Square Hospitality restaurants in New York City, which features signature drinks and photographs of the restaurants. Responsible for book and cover design and illustration.
Grill Master - This is the ultimate book for any grill enthusiasts, with recipes from red meat, pork, poultry,and seafood, designed to bring out the "Grill Master" in you. Responsible for cover and interior design, illustration, typography, and project management.
Cooking Together - Cooking Together is for parents and kids ages 6-10 who want to learn to cook with help from an adult. This book makes it fun for kids to be in the kitchen, with recipes that detail the role for the kids and the steps for the parent to help out where difficult. Ingredients and a list of kitchen tools are illustrated. Responsible for book and cover design, illustrations, and photoshoot art direction.
Essentials of Latin Cooking - A part of Williams-Sonoma's Essentials series, Essentials of Latin Cooking features classic and contemporary recipes ranging from drinks to meat to desserts of Latin American cuisine from Mexico, Central America, South America, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Responsible for photoshot art direction, design direction, and management.
The Cookbook for Kids - Expanding on the success of Williams-Sonoma The Kids Cookbook, this book is an updated version with a fresh design and full of illustrated tips for kids ages 8-12 who want to learn to cook fun and exciting dishes. Responsible for book and cover design, photoshoot art direction, and management.
Shoestring Gourmet - Shoestring Gourmet is a guide for shopping, cooking, and eating well on a budget. It details helpful shopping tips such as how to shop in bulk, and recipes utilizing leftovers and how to make the most out of what's in the kitchen and pantry staples. Responsible for book and cover design and illustrations.
California - Set to the lyrics of California by Joni Mitchell, this 8 foot scroll is an homage to the natural beauty of Mammoth, California. Like the landscape, I designed this scroll to be colorful, multi-layerd, and vast, and used many of the elements I found in nature such as grass, plants, and even water to create texture. Joni Mitchell’s lyrics enhance the serenity of the scene. While not a California native, I could definitely see myself staying there for a little while.
The Vagina Monologues - The Vagina Monologues was performed to benefit the Bay Area Women Against Rape Organization in Oakland, California. I designed and illustrated the flyers and posters for the show and benefit party and the program for the show. The illustration is a play on the Oaklandish Tree turned into a woman to symbolize the city of Oakland.
Ogoni Solidarity Forum - The Ogoni Solidarity Forum is a brochure about the story of an adventure for political
liberation for the displaced persons of the Ogoni ethnic nationality through an exiled and trapped community of activists in Ouidah, Benin Republic. The goal of the publication is to raise awareness about what is happening in Ogoniland and to foster concern for those who are exiled on account of their involvement in the struggle. Responsible for all design.
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Diana Heom
Associate Art Director San Francisco, CA