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Honda Mobile Home for the year 2020 - Go anywhere and set up a remote off site campus for corporations? Redefine mobility. The Honda University is a transportation/home/educational system who's core users are Corporate exectutives, and mobile education programs, but easily adaptable to a mobile home.
Modular,and multifunctional,the units can connect together to form a large conference/party/workspace/classroom in a fully enclosed, climate controlled environment.
Each unit also come complete with a Mini electric car that serves also as the drivers cabin.
All the interior componets are modular, easily carried, and can be detached and used in outdoor environments.
paragon kinetic light - This is a Kinetic Light that is designed for rave kids who like to illuminate themselves while dancing at parties.
It has 4 flashing LED's that are wired to a 6 setting ic control board and powered by a small 12v battery, making a working prototype.
This project was done with sketching, solidworks, mastercam, quickslice, and fdm modeling.
I also created the Branding/Identity logo, packaging, and advertising print poster.
Senior project - This is a rideable backpack that is a fusion of a scooter/backpack/carry on luggage.

Also I have included some personal entertainment projects.
The first is a image of a ocean creature design called the Striker nemesis. This was created for a a animation called "Brine." Created with Maya, I used extensive texture layering to achieve the transparency and depth of color.

The next image is of a Praying Mantis dune jump bike. The wings give the bike the ability to catch major air, and the ski pads with pnumatic supension help cushion the touch down. This was also created in Maya.
Nokia PAVO (Personal Audio VideophoneOrganizer) - This was a sponsored project I did with Nokia. They wanted the project to emphasis color, materials, market segmentation, and 3d generation wireless technology. Using the chinese folding fan as inspiration, we were able to create a large visual interface that could compact into a small thin, lightweight stick that could be carried on the body easily with fashion.The large flexible Light Emitting Polymer screen with Nokia Email/Web browser/Organizer also allows for private viewing of information on the viewers side, and advertising space or adaptable color on the public side. The PAVO can also stand on it's own with a fold out clip for easy viewing. The front and rear guard could be changed off for different colors, and materialization.
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