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Blu Ray - Print campaign for Blu Ray DVD disks. Done in collaboration with Brand New School, NY.
Nostrum - Panasonic and RES Media Group curated a series of short films to be launched in conjunction with Panasonic's release of its new video phones. A handful of artists were asked to conceive of and create short works. Director Joshua Homnick wrote the script for this piece and I designed and animated the minute-long piece. Elliot Lim did the illustrated character.
AMC - One of several boards for AMC show packaging
Nick Promo - Selected board from Nickelodeon promo series. Collaboration with Honest.
Active Minds - Still frame from Active Minds - a movie series about children for young, savvy parents. I was asked to handle all technical, animation and compositing roles in the production of this movie series as well as work intimately with directors for the HD shoot.