The bench-lighting Break is about the valorization of the Graffiti in the society by sensitizing people to its appreciation. For this purpose, the user is involved in an aesthetic and user experience, which is analog to the Graffiti experience and the Graffiti itself. Bachelor's final project in Urban Furniture & Lighting Author: Diana Andrea Guzman Valencia Mentor: Philippe Lalande Collaborator: LUMEC & The City of Montreal University of Montreal. 2005 to 2006
BREAK version with lighting " It is during the secret night that the Graffiti is reborn. The color reveals itself and creates games of shadows and volume on the surfaces, and then drips on the ground like fresh paint. " Quotes Diana Guzman, 2006
Fonctional Model
BREAK version without lighting The color combinations as well as the installation of the modules, creates the effect of a three-dimensional Graffiti. This space's configuration freedom gives to the city, a more playful, amusing and creative character.
Development of the Graffiti aesthetic

Urban bench-lighting

Diana Guzmán Valencia
Multidisciplinary designer Toronto, Canada