The current measuring cap pourers are very durable and robust but disposable which gives it a short term life-cycle. The Mingo concept has two functions. It is a Measuring Cap and a Reusable Pourer. The measuring cap helps the user to bring only the necessary liquid soap quantity at the public laundry, instead of carrying the whole dispenser.
The reusable pourer function is meant to reduce pollution by keeping it as a laundry tool instead of throwing it away once the soap bottle is empty, it will create a sense of belonging among users. Due to the choice of colors available, its simplicity, style and personalized design can satisfy a broad range of customers. Author: Diana Guzman V. Collaborator: MAC Closures Inc. University of Montreal. Fall 2005

Reusable Pourer Cap

Diana Guzmán Valencia
Multidisciplinary designer Toronto, Canada