Limousine Compact - T-mood's design is based on the fundamental values of Nissan's brand: Traditions of Japanese design, human factors, market identity and cutting edge technologies. These combined; leads to create a sophisticated and comfortable concept car in which the user is the main character. Based on his needs, concerns and wishes, this design is flexible, offers the possibility to personalize the interior space and is environmental friendly. Author: Diana Guzman V University of Montreal. 2004 - 05
Limousine Compact. Future Car - Currently the market offers several possibilities that seek to improve passenger comfort. But these are only accessories and not a general revision of the design of cars interior spaces. T-mood is an answer to this problem. Offering in a creative and recreational way, the possibility of modifying the environment not only physically speaking, but also emotionally, immersing the user in a playful experience.
Limousine Compact Seats - Inspired by an aesthetic used in home spaces, a recent trend in automotive interior design, the "Stow n' Go" system not only increases a car's storage capacity, but offers new possibilities to enhance the use of the folding feature for car seats. T-mood exploits this technology to enjoy innovative seating configurations. Going from percentile 90 for men to percentile 1 for women, the seat's structure avails a great anthropometric level of adaptation.
Limousine Compact Interior - The possibility of changing the color of the interior using "LED Technology", provides the advantage of experimenting with different ambient with respect to the occasion. The light color creates the visual illusion of tinting the car's translucent parts, giving it a personalized character and a morphing appearance. The flexibility of its interior offers urban transportation features in addition to an excellent carrying capacity.
Mood Board
Diana Guzmán Valencia
Multidisciplinary designer Toronto, Canada