Liga Mahasiswa (LIMA) established on May 15th 2012. LIMA is an independen company that aims to create a platform for Indonesian students college to excel in sports. LIMA has desire to become a bridge between education and sport. LIMA introduced the concept of sports competition who involving the student athlete in Indonesia. LIMA has three pillars to describe his aim as a organization which is Athleticism, Education and Social Responsibility. Through each activity was carried out, LIMA hopes to create new generation in sports, education and having social responsibilities. LIMA has five sport categories included basketball, futsal, badminton, swimming and golf.
Type of Sports held by LIMA
First prototype
LIMA FInal Match ball Concept
Umbro Neo Futsal LIMA Edition

Design a futsal ball for LIMA futsal event that inspired by Indonesian islands
and the Three Pillars of LIMA.
also Final match edition

Freelance, Full-time
Dicky Taufik Ismail
Footwear Designer Jakarta, Indonesia