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Seat Nostrum. Personal Project in Seat

The Seat Nostrum was the personal project I did during my internship in the Seat Design Centre in Martorell, Barcelona.

The project was born as a challenge to transfer the most meaningful and differenciating principles of Seat to an original and exciting automobile.

Seat principles: 'fun', 'innovation' and 'mediterranean spirit'.
What does 'mediterranean spirit' mean? It's a way of living common in the south of Europe: open-minded, cheerful and linked to the sea, combining land and sea activities and enjoying the beach.

The goals: To mix sea and land. Offroad capabilities to drive through the sand. Fun, light and exciting!

Final design: 1+1 passengers car divided in two parts: the chassis -where is the main structure and the seats- and the jetski.
As a car, it preserves the unique feelings of driving a jetski: the tilting steering column, feeling the elements directly in your face and having the possibility of 'jumping dunes' in the land instead of 'jumping waves' in the sea.

Diego Garcia Garcia
Automotive & Industrial Designer. Trainee Madrid, Spain