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Early bondo model of V3/RPC
Early Flux model. Base model is made from a previous gen Flux to keep headform and proportions.
On top of working on Fox main line products, I also work on Shift products, our other brand. I always make time for whoever needs help. This is the early workings of the shin plate to Shift WHIT3 label boot.
This is the early version of Fox's Airframe Pro Jacket back protector. Base curvature is sculpted from 5lb foam, then fiberglass that so I can create a thin and light base to build with bondo.
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Model Making

One of my strengths is to build with my hands. You can review quickly, make adjustments right then and there and review as many times as needed. The amount it costs to print an RP versus countless changes I can make with a $40 bucket of bondo is just how I like to work. I grew up in humble backgrounds so I like to save money whenever I can.

You can only review CAD so much until you need something physical in your hands to rotate, observe how light catches surfacing and to test fit. This is why I like to work in the physical world.

Materials I excel in building with are: bondo, clay and fiberglass

Derrick Tan
Industrial Designer Irvine, CA