Stalrom Trading Ltd Logo
Stalrom Trading Ltd Logo Color adaptations
Stalrom Trading Ltd Logo Color adaptations
Architect Valentina Tribastone
Architect Valentina Tribastone Business Card
LOGOMATS logo - Logo for a mat company that makes custom Mats with logos on them.
LOGOMATS bussines card
Logo for Mi. Company: Daedaluscs - Artistic Director: Daedaluscs, Designers: Constantinos
BC for Mi. Company: Daedaluscs
BC for Tiffany. Company: Daedaluscs
Beautician Angela Antoniou logo
Beautician Angela Antoniou business card
Cypriot Government Project - Social Services (?e?t??s? ???pt??? ??aß??µ?s?)
Vivid jewelry studio
Prism Studios - Virtual artwork for a movie production agency.
kingy monkey bc
Beauty physics bc
beauty physics rendezvous card
Sleepy bear clothing line
Makatus Logo Proposal - Proposal for a potential cafe name in Stasikratous-Makariou area in Nicosia.
Zone denmark Larnaca BC's - Zone Denmarks Business cards. The Logo is done with UV foil for better looks.
Smart Services Logo Proposal - Logo ideas for a company called Smart Services. Simple artwork originated from the word "smart" and "service"
Logos & Business Cards
Constantinos Philippou
Graphic Artist Nicosia, Cyprus