Birdo Shoes - Birdo is shoes for casual kids that take image from birds. In this series, it taking image from Rainbow Lorikeet.

This is shoe that I design for Bandung Shoes Competition 20o9. And got 3rd Place for Casual Categories + Got Designer Syndicate Award for unique Packaging that I forget to documentated it. X_X

Cania - Cania is folding bike concept for shopping lifestlye. It can modified to make different 4 forms:

Normal Form
Free Style Form
Trolley Form
Parking Form

Teamed-up with Riizki Zulian Nisfuhar and Got Favourite Winner in International Polygon Bike Design 2008.
Triwilly - The Motorcycle wind charger. For further details you can look a the panel.

I design it for Djarum Black Innovation Award 2009. In the picture it says got semi-finalist, but later I informed that I got to Finalist! Thanks god.

Hope I can get best 4 !
Competition Project