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corru-concepts - Toys for kids out of corrugated sheets..
CORRUCITY - Story town
Age group 6- 12 years
Type of play - group/ solitary
Kit consists of a set of modified hexagonal
modules with all the edges for locking
Pieces would have miniature flat houses, trees,
bridges, etc.
By pulling of a simple flap or strip, these pieces
would pop-up
All modules together would make a town
Challenge it poses to a child is town planning
(eg. roads should connect)
The kit can become thematic
- a folk tale with a graphic in connection to the
town will pop up
- a city or a village, or a zoo
All kits can be combined together
Will represent growth and make the game more
interesting and challenging
Dharavi - in the bylanes of dharavi
death - a spray painted saree
inspired from the flowers dropped from the death bed
'In a death too i see it that a life has taken birth'