Prada Epicenter Store, NY - Staff Device - At the center of the technology-based service scenario is a staff device developed by IDEO London, (product design, interaction design and engineering) and IconNicholson (software engineering and systems integration). The handheld wireless, connected to the store database terminal, gives the salesperson up-to-date access to inventory and customer information. In addition, the staff device serves as a interface for other elements in the service scenario: reading radio frequency identification(RFID) tags that indentify products, staff and customers via a personalized customer card. The device also controls video displays throughout the store. Technology: Flash, JSP, Java Servlets, Oracle DB
A Lovely Impression” - Wireless Interactive Installation - Exhibited at the Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn:The work attempts to open up a way for viewers to pour out their uncensored sentiments. At the same time, it closes down the liveliness of it, as during periods of inactivity, it keeps and repeats whatever has been posted previously. It at once communicates (life) and archives(death). The work is presented in two display cases. Technology: Flash, WAP, Java Servlet, Database, LCD monitors and handheld devices with Internet connection
Volkswagen, Corporate Design Essentials Multimedia Presentation - This project is based on “Corporate Design Essentials”, Goldmedaillist of BCP Best of Corporate Publishing. Each chapter plays like a complete movie, however with interactive control. Concept, animation and commisioned music work together perfectly to communicate Volkswagen’s Corporate Design principles emotionally and to the point. Role: Art Direktion, Flash developer for Metadesign, BerlinTechnology: Flash, XML
MINI: Custom Label Printing Software for Mini Dealers - This all Flash desktop application features precise printing abilities on custom made paper in addition to font size selection for various display conditions. An adjustment tool saves user settings for either laser or inkjet printers externally. Role: Interaction Designer, Flash Developer
Offline Applications
Dirk J. Platzek
Senior Interaction Designer New York City, NY