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Triple 36 - Prototype
inspirations - Inspired by biscuits, the design combines these three objects together in three layers: puzzle, alphabet card and the magnetic sticker. The idea is to create a new style of alphabet card based on the form of regular puzzle. The final idea combines 26 alphabets and 10 numbers together. All the 36 pieces right now share the same design elements: square shapes and circles all in the same sizes.
Each piece has three layers:
magnet piece at the back, clear plastic piece in the front, and colorful plastic piece in between.
The size for each single piece is 11/4 inches long by 11/4 inches wide by 1/4 inch thick.
user experience - The design of each single piece may help parents to teach little kids spelling of simple words, like Mom, Boy,Girl which kids may speak every day. Each piece also can be used as magnetic sticker individually for multiple purposes.
puzzle pattern design, front and back - The final design of the puzzle has six different colors. Each color has six pieces. Triple 36 has two different ways to play the puzzle games, the front side and the back side. Besides, there are more than four solutions for the whole set. The over-all image on the back has some basic math expressions which parents may teach their children while playing together.
Triple 36 - Prototypes
Puzzle Game Triple 36
Di Wu
design intern at NONOBJECT Bay Area, CA