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Taiji Watch - The watch is designed to use biological energy.
The inspiration comes from the old Chinese tradition of Taiji, meaning infinite.
The colors of the watch are two of the most popular colors in Chinese culture.
Waterfall - This machine is designed for home use.
To reduce cost, the machine is
made of PC plastic. My inspiration
comes from the relaxing experience of waterfalls.
The surface of the drinking machine
suggests a waterfall. In this way, the design compels users to contemplate the peace and purity of nature.
Monitor for Desiners - This is a monitor specially crafted for
designers. The monitor can be positioned to function as an electronic drawing board.
The inspiration comes from a character in Beijing opera, called Mu Guiying, who is a heroine.
Green Tree, a conceptual speaker design - Green Tree is a concept idea for a speaker system.
The inspiration comes from seedlings and young trees and three
legged massaging devices. The Green Tree is a dynamic sound system
in a small funky package that says good things in life are not always bigger
or what we expect. Usually, when we want to live a life with high quality,
we simply make what we desire bigger and more complex. In fact, it is not.
Green Tree aims to calling people to save energy by changing our minds.
Funky Bar Glass - The glass is designed to stimulate conversations.
The inspiration comes from Chinese checkers.
The stand is made of metal and the cup
is made of PC plastic. The glass fits the hand nicely and stands can become part of the d├ęcor.
desktop book shelf
The Roll, a shopping cart design - The roll is shopping cart.
Works before 2008
Di Wu
design intern at NONOBJECT Bay Area, CA