Biamond, ceramics design - Inspired by Chinese traditional wood window frame. With the same blue and white colors from the famous Chinese style ceramics from Ming Dynasty and the traditional style of signature at the back, the design redefines the classical taste perfectly through contemporary aesthetic.
Inspired by rolling curves with the meaning of happiness and good luck, the design is carrying the best wishes and blessings from the antique ages.
Twelve characters from Chinese Lunar calendar stand for times, telling the history and all the stories behind. Through the patterns of the characters, Yesterday is calling. With the expression of modern design, Today is speaking. Stylish East is the love between Yesterday and Today.
ceramics design research - Ceramics have been used as everyday supplies for thousands of years. For each specific period, the design and craft has different styles speaking for itself. But the desire of pursuing beauty and glories is still the same or even stronger. By looking back at the history with different culture backgrounds, ideas of understanding the style of Today become clear. Through the new classical design of ceramics, we may find out a way to communicate with Yesterday.
sketches for Ceramic design - Represent the old fashion in a modern way.
design processes
ceramics design
Di Wu
design intern at NONOBJECT Bay Area, CA