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Book Shelf - A bookshelf made of carpet off-cuts which challenges the notions of traditional material usage & traditional bookshlef aesthetics, evaluates the status of an under-appreciated material, and finds a creative use for an otherwise useless material. The shelf may be quickly configured in any orientation against a surface and just as easily rolled up and put away.
Collapsable table - A coffee table which collapses into a 16" x 16" x 6" box. A completely hand-made table with all components hand spun and formed. May be reorganized in a variety of configurations to create original surface space with each alteration of modular components.
Cutting Board Package - A recyclable polypropylene packaging for bread which may be collapsed and used as a cutting surface. The package protects the bread while acting as a reusable storage system and kitchenware item.
Offramp Seat - A plywood and formica seating unit when organized in groups addresses public seating concerns of any given environment. The seat also creates three distinct environments for users thus addressing issues of privacy and psychological comfort. The seating unit has been designed with manufacturability in mind as two units maybe constructed from a single 4'x8' plywood sheet.
Universal Weight Machine - A joint project with the Dept. of Occupational and Physiotherapy Therapy. A universal weight machine designed with mature markets in mind. Determining factors considered included muscle group and exercise selection, visual appeal, usability, and approachability.
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