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Glow String - Mixed glow pigment and clear silicone - extruded into 20 ft lengths. A really fun product with absolutely no use...it didn't tie well, couldn't glue it...just a roll of elastic string....glows in the dark. Sold tons of it. Goes to show kids like really simple things sometimes.
Glow String, original packaging - Funopolis
Charger Chamber - Packaging photo - Funopolis & University Games
Charger Chamber - Developded under Funopolis, taken over by University Games. Ironic limitation of glow i the dark is you need light so glow items had to be indoor toys until the Charger Chamber. Used an internal photo flash to " Supercharge" the pigment. Worked really good but I could not convince University Games to tool up a plastic case before the trial at Toys R US. THe Chipboard version just didn't have the strength necessary for all around use.
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Glow in the Dark Products

My first commercial products.
glow in the dark pigment in plastics and silicone

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