Typical window installation
Prototype "form" made on a laser cutter then vacuum formed. While i hoped vacuum forming would keep the cost down...it did not survive the drop test. Moved to polycarb injection mold for a stronger more transparent display.
Green glitter and oils
Orange glitter - blue oil - pre production
Proto Drive - Patented - Licensed to Kikkerland Design, NY
Production Release of the Final Design - Patented, Licensed to Kikkerland Design, NY
Colored Gears - Prototype
Kikkerland Packaging - Pieter Woudt http://www.bigbolt.com/
Trade Show - 1st production
Solar Wheel Prototype - clear and red - no glitter
Color Tests
Mechanism development
Vacuum formed proto-wheel
Beagle testing laboratory
The Solar Wheel

Liquid filled solar powered wheel.
US Patent # US D67,752S
Oils, glitter, Belt drive & Gearbox
Takes advantage of sunlight both create movement but also to backlight liquids and glitter - Liquid "stained glass"

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Freelance, Moonlighting
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Product Design & Development, Graphic Design, Photography Berkeley, CA