Off the wall - Allows access to power that is routed to common wall areas. This arrangement taps into the wall and passes on power through the Canopy of the Approach System
Island - The Island setup allows access to power that is routed to freestanding areas like pillars, columns and ceiling power.
Pod - Like the Island arrangement, Pod allows for the system to be configured in a way that utilizes the given space in a Airport Terminal. Traditionally, seating are arranged in column by column rows, this is a take on that configuration.
Fitting into spaces - The flexibility of the Approach waiting area system allow for set up in ways that gain access to the built power infrastructure. Since each and every waiting area is so unique, the Approach system uses its flexibility to “fit the space.” With so many configuration options, seating can easily conform to facility needs.
Accessibility - Accessing power in a waiting space, like an Airport terminal, is very difficult. There are little to no outlets in Airport Terminal and gates, which makes it that hard to plug access power. When you can find a power outlet, there is usually no seating, and many other people trying to use the same outlet.
Approach- waiting area seating
Dominic Peralta
Industrial Designer San Carlos, CA