Engage- Accessible Snowboard Bindings - Accessibility Problems like RSI, Arthritis and any other injuries that primarily are located on the lower body. It opens up the static current use of Snowboard Bindings, from fixed, mounted sporting equipment, into a Dynamic element in Snowboard riding.
Elements - A. High back B. Heel back C. Base plate D. Rotation mechanism + Lock latch E. Bridge F. Stomp pad G. Wire ratchet system + release H. Heel + Toe straps *shown in “regular” foot configuration
Rotation - While boarding the lift, riding the lift and getting off the ski lift, creating the ability to rotate your snowboard bindings engages the rider to become proactive and have more control over situations that one will face thought a day of riding. It give the rider control while in line, stability while exiting the lift, and freedom to choose your preferred riding stance without the need for extra tools.
Engage- Snowboard Bindings
Dominic Peralta
Industrial Designer San Carlos, CA