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Modular, Smart Motor for Power Tools - Product architecture for a family of power tools using a single modular, interchangeable motor. Like sharing batteries, users are able to swop-out a motor between tools. A sophisticated mechanical, electrical and electronic interface enables the same motor to adapt to a wide range of individual tools. This approach benefits both manufacturer and user by lowering the cost of a suite of tools through the elimination of multiple motors as well as by a reduction in transport weight and volume.
Reciprocating Saw with Unique Motor and Drive Placement. - An electronically-commutated motor is used in this application. It has several advantages: it's compact size and flat geometry allows it to be oriented vertically, and thereby drive the reciprocating crank mechanism more directly -- reducing part count and avoiding long-term wear issues associated with gearing.
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Cordless Power Tools
Dan Plankenhorn
New Product Development Professional Palo Alto, CA