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Downhill Ski Vehicle - This fully-functioning beta prototype has proven the technical feasibility of the patented "dual, linked-in-parallel, front steering skis" as an advancement in the state of the art of downhill skibiking. Superior in terms of comfort, stability and dynamic turning performance (i.e., carving), this full suspension version is easy to learn, yet can can perform at the most extreme levels.

Tandem Designs - Tandem bike concepts based on the hybridization of existing products by Trek.
MTB with Variable Saddle Positioning - This innovation addresses the needs of extreme MTB riders who desire to attack both very steep accents (remaining seated with CoM shifted forward) and steep descents (shifting CoM back).

The seatpost's tilt-lock mechanism is very straight-forward; but the biasing required to position the seat at the proper angular orientation requires a rather complex mechanism. The solution is, of course, proprietary.

Patent Pending
Beginner's Bike - Hybrid Bike/Stroller which initially allows full adult-control, but gradually cedes control to the child as learning progresses. Handle can eventually be removed, but can prove helpful when rider is making the transition away from training wheels.
Backcountry Ricksha - Want to take your toddler on a backcounty hike? Bad back? Don't have the knees anymore to carry a 80 pound pack? How about retrieving that trophy elk? This product can help you.
High-end Cycle Ergometer - Actual Product Offering
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Dan Plankenhorn
New Product Development Professional Palo Alto, CA