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Ultra-quiet, Energy-efficient Fan Design - The use of an electronically-commutated (brushless) motor together with an highly efficacious fan impeller has resulted in a device that is energy efficient, delivers good air flow, and operates nearly silently.
Automatic Shower Cleaner - Although I had limited involvement in the actual design and development of this highly successful consumer product, I contributed by initiating a strategic relationship resulting in a joint development project between SC Johnson and the top appliance maker, Hamilton-Beach.

I've included this in my porfolio because it is indicative of how I can take initiative and provide leadership that can lead to effective collaborative ventures.
Wrinkle Blaster TM - An alternative to ironing, this innovation is a non-thermal, liquid-active-based delivery system for garment de-wrinkling and re-freshening. For wrinkle removal it's not only safer and more energy efficient than a hot iron, it is much more convenient, in that no ironing board is needed (garments are treated while hanging or lying flat). And it's cordless. Moreover, one device can serves multiple purposes depending upon the particular active provided in the inter-changable cartridge.
Anti-allergen Delivery System for Soft Surfaces - Device delivers a gaseous chemical active (or possibly two separate reactive components) that effectively permeates rugs, curtains, upholstery, futons, mattresses, etc., as well as tatami mats. An internal diaphram effectively "respirates" vapor in and out of the interstitial spaces between fibers. Actives can range from simple fragrances to pesticides strong enough to kill bacteria, mold, fungus, dust mites, fleas, and bedbugs.

Hybrid Duster and Air Filter - A new and improved way to eliminate dust in the home or office.
KItchenVac TM - This unique kitchen cleaning system integrates spray washing/rinsing, scrubbing and wet/dry vacuuming into one convenient tool. Forced compliance facilitates deployment. Various attachments allow cleaning of counters, floors, inside of refrigerators, large pots and pans, coolers, etc.
Electromagnetic Induction Charging & Powering Scheme - This concept establishes a new technology platform for kitchen appliances with improved convenience, usability, and efficacy.
Microwave-Assisted Hybrid Clothes Dryer (based on EPRI-proprietary technology) - One of my first ID projects. Performed usability research, translated insights into an intuitive interface. Aesthetics was a challenge since it obligatory to use an existing UL-approved MW door, and the chassis had "unalterable dimensions". Still, the team succeeded in creating a new look, derived principally from bringing the control panel forward and repeating horizontal semi-cylindrical elements -- visual cues for interactive features (lint tray, the door latch, and control dial's status).
Fragrance Delivery by use of Propogating Vortex Rings - Novel system for projecting scent molecules over distance using ring vortices. Ultra-quiet, no fan, use of simple low-cost electromechanical actuator.
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