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Harness/Suspension System - Proprietary design; patent pending.
Novel Bag/Pack/Wearable System. A unique approach to "suspending" the load of a bag or pack is depicted here. The same principle can be applied to a wide range of embodiments.
Multi-sport Protection Gear (body armor) - This proprietary product concept is based on the engineering principle of Tensegrity. A revolutionary approach to sports protection system design, it allows the impact shields to literally float off the body on tensioned mesh "pads"; these elements are then locked together through a unique series of tendons -- and thereby transcending the limits of conventional protection gear based on cuffs and straps. This innovation is superior to current products in terms of its light weight, comfort, breathability, configurability, efficacy of protection, and ease/cost of manufacture.

(I have included this entry this portfolio because it is indicative of my ability to challenge conventional approaches and to draw upon advanced engineering principles to solve technical challenges.)
Personal Cooling Device - Concept validated through extensive prototyping and testing.
PDA for Outdoor Sports - FUNCTION: Navigation, communication, performance monitor, and audio player. FEATURES: Robust construction, shock proof, water proof, superior interface. BENEFITS: Easy to handle and operate during the pursuit of action sports.
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Dan Plankenhorn
New Product Development Professional Palo Alto, CA