Lawn Masters Logo - Logo design for local lawn service company
Axis Point Logo. - Prelim design for an IT solutions startup company.Very simple and I think has great impact.
Axis Point Stationary - Prelim design for Axis Point a startup IT solutions company.
BusinessWoman Magazine Masthead - Recent masthead logo design for a new woman's magazine.Designed only the new logo!
AG Beat Magazine Logo - Concept logo for new men's magazine.
Pflieger Realty Stationary /Logo - A new logo for established realty company.A clean and simple solution.
Business Card Idea Pflieger Realty - An idea for reps business cards, part of new identity program.
Boatyard Brewing Company - Concept log design for a Midwestern micro brewery.
Abottsford Spine Center Logo - Concept for Spine healthcare provider using the letter a with a graphic spine.
Rumors Publicity Logo - Idea for current client for publicity firm in Atlanta.
Abbotsford Spine Center - Another version of logo.
Rumors Publicity Logo - One of two ideas for a logo for a new PR firm in Atlanta.
Seniors+Veterans Logo - Created a logo for website catering to Seniors + Veterans financial planning.
Chalberg+Sussman Publishers - Logo design for small publisher.
Business Card/Voice Talent - Business card design for client who is a voice talent for radio and TV. Recent djs projects.
Granite City Brewery - Midwestern eatery wanted ideas on a new identity for their business.Concept logo idea I created.
Fund Coaches Logo - Concept idea for a Fund that teaches others how to raise money for their causes through online education.
Dennis Staples
Dennis Staples DJS Art & Design Cincinnati, OH