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Option Talon : quick release binding - This is a snowboard binding designed for free riding. Realizing that boarders go to the mountain to enjoy the experience rather than spend their time with the hassle of strapping in, it gives the boarder the opportunity to quickly and easily get in and out of the binding. This is a hybrid using ball joints on one end and a "claw" over the center latch on the other. It still gives the responsiveness of traditional bindings without the added bulk of the step in types.
Nike Air Mystique 360 fit - Concept footwear - Volumetric forming shoe for kids, done while interning at Nike. The design challenge was to develop a shoe to address the issue of kids outgrowing the life of the shoe. After consulting with the Nike Research Lab, we concluded that the ideal solution would not be to have a "growing" shoe, but a shoe that adapted to different volumes of feet. The Air Mystique 360 fit accommodates for the most varying parts of the foot, which are the heel shape, arch support, and width. The shoe wraps to form to the foot, while providing a forefoot lock, thus eliminating issues with toe box room.
Oakley Revolver Urban Carrier - This bag was designed for the city person on the go. With more and more devices being part of our lives, users are carrying more things such as cell phones, cameras, wallets, cigarettes, etc. This bag was designed to keep all those organized and out of the way until you need it. The whole bag is attached to the belt and the belt slides in the rail around to the front of the user when needed, then just thrown back when they don't. Other ideal applications would be bikers and army medics, that need things quick, but out of the way when they need to do their thing.
Affinity : Intimate Dining Experience - This furniture piece was designed to bring couples closer together in a unique intimate experience. From observations, in a traditional dining setting, users have their plates in front of them and spatially it is very defined which plate belongs to whom. By shrinking the width of the table, users cannot afford to each have plates in front of them, but must have them side to side, making the distance to the plates equal to both individuals and promotes sharing. The seating is staggered and users actually sit with legs interlocked furthering the experience. The seats slide back and forth to accommodate different levels of intimacy.