Seahorse Exhibit - The Aquarium's changing gallery space, 2000 sqft. Four large cube tanks viewed on two sides, two "L" shaped tanks and two 5'-0" diameter cylinders anchoring both ends of the exhibit. The cylinders displayed the Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons, arguably the most stunning sea animal.

This exhibit was the first special exhibit in the Aquarium's 20 year history to earn the visitor's vote for their #1 experience.
Children's Discovery Cove - Children’s Discovery Cove

The Aquarium’s one “hands-on” area for the public to touch some of the animals they see behind the glass. This is traditionally one of the top 3 experiences reported by the visitors.

The Dolphin Show is almost always ranked #1 among the visitors surveyed. The changing gallery’s special exhibit usually captures the #2 spot.
Children's Discovery Cove - Volunteer assisted activity where the visitor can touch live animals, the only one of it's kind at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
National Aquarium in Baltimore
David R Miller
Teacher | Designer San Diego, CA