Dragon fly Fan - This electric fan concept is inspired on a dragon fly.
It mimics the movements of its wings.
The idea is staying away from conventional fans which use a rotational movement to move wind.
This concept uses the piston moving action
to turn the wings from one side to another to
blow wind.
Incense can be placed at the base in front.
This product is a conversation starter at home.
Stress Clock - The clock is designed around the word "stress"
The main shape mimics that of a cage
trapping time. This works as a metaphor
since our lives are manipulated by time.

A stressful situation causes tension
in people.

Each of the ribs which represent each hour
are inspired on the venomous tail of the scorpion.
The sharp point of each tail is consistently
reminding you to look at the time.

4 red painted tails mark the hours 3, 6, 9 and
Party Set - This party set concept includes a snack dish and a mug.
The dish is placed on top of the mug so that they can both be held with one hand, this creates more comfort when reaching for chips and salsa.
By holding both the dish and mug with one
single hand the user is able to wave, hug, or stretch hands with other people for a better human interaction.
Push mower Steering system - Electrolux Internship.
This is 3 wheel "all wheel
turning" mechanism that makes the push
mower more maneuverable.The mechanism
uses the least amount of moving parts.
It makes the push mower move around
slopes and tight spaces easily.
Rose Holder "The Hug" - The rose is a symbol of love.
The "Rose" itself represents the Woman while the "Rose Holder" represents the man.
Combined, these two are hugging.
Collected at the bottom are tears of joy which gives life to the Rose and to the precious moment.

Simply made out of a cut out piece of PVC pipe with the bottom sealed with resin to hold the water at the base.
Gazelle Eye Wear - An Award winner of the Opus Design Contest.
The eyewear was developed under the title of extreme sports.
Inspired by the Gazelle. An animal that lives in an extreme environment. Full of grace, this animal is tough, agile and elegant.

The eyewear stays in place by applying slight pressure on the sides of the head instead of supporting itself resting at the ears.
The lenses are interchangeable to the desired style.
Advertising Campaign (Viagra for Women) - This campaign was for the Introdution of Intrinsa "viagra for women".It deviates from Industrial design but its an example of my thinking process.

The strategy was to promote the use of this product by teaching the audience about the amazing health benefits of sex.

The image had to clearly draw attention by suggesting "sex" in a very innocent manner that couldn't be understood by a young audience but clearly explain what it was to the adult audience.
Car Project Sketches - These sketches where made for the full size completely functional ATV type car made at school.
Old school works
Alex Soriano
Senior Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA