The first shoe I ever designed using a computer, using MS Paint. Early 2008, my freshman year of highschool.
Later 2008, I started doing both lateral and medial views.
Beginning of 2009, I changed up my silhouette.
My 2009 attempt at football cleats.
2009 version of Nike Air.
Early-ish 2010, probably the first time I went back and made changes to a design to make it more concise.
Later 2010 Cross Country spikes, I actually included this in my portfolio in my college application.
Beginning of 2011 I began messing with material and adding more detail.
Around the middle of 2011, I remember really liking this design a lot.
At this point I am a freshman in college, so over winter break in 2011-2012 I forced myself to switch to Illustrator.
After a few months of getting familiar with Ai, 2012.
Summer of 2012, this is the result of my Pensole education.
Spring 2013, getting better with the Ai pen tool, incorporating photoshop into my design process.
End of my Sophomore year of college.
November, 2013
Past to Present

This is a selection of my digital work from 2008 until now.

Dominic Dina
Designer Chicago, IL