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Promotional Board for DXPE CHEF 100ml Travel Bottle. DXPE CHEF's current promotion campigns are very basic with quite often utilsing black and white, the new product and the DXPE CHEF logo.
Technical Drawing of which a prototype was made from.
100ml Travel Bottle

For this project, the brief was to design a 100ml travel bottle that could be taken through an airport. For the project I chose to base the product around the DXPE CHEF brand which is a new clothing brand from London, England.

The bottle was designed to contain an aftershave fragrance, however currently DXPE do not sell aftershave, so a large amount of brand research was needed to identify the design philosophies that DXPE CHEF use in its clothing line.
Currently DXPE CHEF do not sell any

Dom Rough
Product Designer Undergraduate Bournemouth, United Kingdom