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3D solidwork renders to visualise how the system would look and how it looks when attached to a shopping trolley. The render was completed using PhotoView360 with Solidworks.
This is the function board that I was asked to create for the project. It simple explains how the system clips onto the trolley structure and then how the user would simply push in the buttons to raise the handle to there desired height to satisfy the pain caused by Lumbar Degenarative Spondyloisthesis.
Lumbar Degenarative Spondyloisthesis Trolley Attachment

In today’s world, humans are getting taller and bigger through evolution and to combat this many products are becoming adjustable to suit the user, whether it is height adjustment on a backrest, or having a steering wheel that is adjustable.
Lumbar Degenarative Spondyloisthesis is the “Interior slippage of one vertebra on top of another”. LDS is often exemplified in the shopping cart sign, which refers to people suffering from Lumbar Degenarative Spondyloisthesis having the in-ability to lean over and push a shopping trolley due to chronic backache. This is manly because the height of the handle of the shopping trolley is to low and therefore both posture and loading are affected by pushing a shopping trolley. Thus if the handle was raised it would help suffers of Lumbar Degenarative Spondyloisthesis manage to push a shopping trolley around there local supermarket.

Please note this project is in no-way affiliated or backed by Bupa.

Dom Rough
Product Designer Undergraduate Bournemouth, United Kingdom