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This was a kitchen 3D modelling job. At the start of each new job I was given a technical drawing with the information needed to build the CAD model. Using these technical drawings I could build the model.
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Once the model was finished, I was requird to render it in many different view and then lay them out on RR Joinery headed paper and put the technical drawings in to accompany them. This would then be presented to the client for final approval before manufacturing started.
These renders where printed out onto A3 paper to also be shown to the client.
The technical drawing to show the outline of the study from a plan view and to illustrate where the camera angle should be taken from.
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The technical drawing that I was given to create the 3D model from.
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Using the RR Joinery headed paper, the Render was accompanied with the technical drawings to complete the document. This was what was shown to the client as well as an A3 size version of the render.
The final render that was approved by the client and went to manufacturing.
RR Joinery Freelance Work

Through the summer of 2014 I managed to gain 3 months worth of freelance work with a small independent wood joinery business in Staines-Upon-Thames. RR Joinery create bespoke wood products which can range from staircases to shopfront to entire Kitchens and Studies.

Whilst I was working there as a freelance CAD Designer, my role was to take the engineering drawings that the company director created and then bring them to life using Solidworks and create full renders on RR Joinery headed paper. My renders would then be shown to the client for final approval before manufacture started.

I would like to fully accredit RR Joinery for the designs of the kitchen and study. For more information on RR Joinery please visit there website

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Dom Rough
Product Designer Undergraduate Bournemouth, United Kingdom