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modernized home landing page for a trade-only website. For more mobile-friendly viewing, no more side frames, fonts are bigger and easier to read, menu is easier to scan, current promotions/ banner ads got more attention above fold, and overall the redesign is cleaner, simpler and more attractive while containing the same important information.
Ebay product profile
slider/email ad
slider/email ad
slider/email ad
slider/email ad
slider/email ad
banner stand graphic design for trade shows
a pitch for a repeating client. Satisfied with the marketing graphics, client asked for concepts of new packaging. They wanted to introduce a new product and thought it would be a good opportunity to modernize the rest of their packaging too. It would be an update on the brand's identity and their organic value. I followed the minimalist approach to the "bare" concept, clean, natural, organic watercolor/hand drawn sketches, with some vibrant colors to stand out on the shelves in the market. A polar opposite design to hi-light the intensity of the flavor, and to give client a reference to explore their direction.
Logo design for http://www.eisconsulting.com/
The founder of Environmentally Intelligent Solutions Consulting, LLC. came to me for a logo that reflects their values of being green and friendly, helpful to their clients. We communicated every step of the process to make sure I understood what they want to convey to their target audience.
Graphic Design

graphic design for marketing, web, and prints.

Dona Du
Graphic Designer/Illustrator Los Angeles, CA