Comp Solution Stationary Supplies Branding mock up

Comp Solutions also know as CSAV was a client in need of a logo, and branding. Working with My Client I was able to create a logo that would play with the idea of the audio video industry and its functions. I used the colors to represent visual spectrum, in the letter a I used an element to represent audio input and broke up lines in the V to represent video out put
The company owner also explained that he wanted stationary items for his company that had a clean and strait forward appeal, and would also be make of eco friendly materials if possible.
I chose to use Black as The base color with a gloss print finish for the handout material giving the companies clients a feel of clean professionalism. For the company note pads, and clip boards I though it would be wise to item’s made of recycled materials lower the cost of print while also being Green, and eco friendly.

Don Bass
Illustrator / Graphic Desginer / Cartoonist Boston, MA