Games Design - Wooden games, designed for Plantoys
toys design - "Plancity" playset for Plantoys
toys design - Preschool toys for Plantoys
toys design - Doll house,designed for Plantoys
toys design - Doll house, designed for Small World Toys, USA
toys design - Eskimo Play Set and Bamboo Games for Hape International
toys design - Bamboo Collection, designed for Hape international
>Co-designer with Shi Quan, Mattius Richter
>Design manager
"Mobile Home", Nominee of Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug 2004 - Motor Home (Wohnmobil), a portable dollhouse, this delightful little mobile home is a complete little house on wheels. Its side-opening panel makes it easy for your children to arrange their imaginary family holiday. Inside there are two foldable beds, a foldable sofa, a table, a kitchen cabinet and a staircase.
Chosen Product on "TIME" -Pandabo (Balancing Act) - Choosen product on Time Magazine HK, November 28th, 2005

toys design
Aniwat Rerkrai
Chief Designer, Moen Incorporated Shanghai, China