The pegasus presurgery.
Patient presurgery with horn.
Midsurgery—apologies for graphic image.
Surgical scar.
Postsurgery daze.
Unicorn pegasus postsurgery—birdseye view.
Unicorn pegasus postsurgery—side view.
The new unicorn horn passed strength tests with flying colors.
Ceratoplasty (unicorn horn constructive surgery)

This quick and simple project was a 2011 gift for my niece, who was looking for a toy that nobody had on the market: the perfect unicorn pegasus. Unicorn stuffies abound, and you'll find a pegasus or two, but never the twain shall meet, apparently.

Rainbow the mildly collectible Beanie Baby pegasus was rescued from a toy reseller for this project. I picked her because she had gorgeous wings that also looked like they could hold up to serious play. She'd spent her life—longer than my niece's—trapped in a plastic bag.

The ceratoplastic surgery went well, and the patient had immediate full function of her horn.

Rainbow was WELL received. Last I saw her, the color was nearly rubbed off her wings.

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