Chicago Backyards (Backyard Adventures supplements) at CAS/PNNM

In 2016, I developed material to coordinate with "Backyard Adventures," a rented exhibition at the Chicago Academy of Science / Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum created by SCITECH and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.

I drew on internal resources to create three content areas: backyard wildlife, lawn ecology, and a bug zoo.

I enlisted the volunteer manager's help to address visitor FAQs about taxidermy using the Museum's preferred language.

I worked with the Manager of Horticulture to create a modular, reconfigurable ecology puzzle. Several staff and volunteers assisted with prototyping. The finished activity is a tangible demonstration that a biodiverse yard supports more life than a sprayed lawn does.

I developed the bug display with the Assoc. Curator of Entomology. During the process I created internal documentation to track life support needs for living collections that go on display in temporary exhibitions.

During installation, I managed volunteer crews to paint tree murals.

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Dorothy Bayern
Museum content developer and writer San Francisco, CA