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Explore Oregon at UO MNCH

"Explore Oregon" is a new natural history wing at MNCH, opened May 30 2014. My involvement in this project stretches back to the first all-staff visioning meeting in 2009.

I developed interactives including a seafloor spreading/subduction zone table inspired by a geologist's talk, a microscope station based on a setup I had seen at the Field Museum, and an updated version of the field-to-museum beach dig site activity I'd co-designed for our PaleoLab exhibit series.

My content development role grew until, in May 2013, I was tasked with writing the exhibit script. As writer I also made recommendations for the flow of the exhibition, suggesting section layouts and sketching panel mockups to facilitate the narrative structure I saw emerging from the exhibit content. I advocated for a strong inclusion of Native perspectives.

When buildout began, I apprenticed with mountmaker Mark Gostnell to make custom brass mounts.

Leading up to opening day, I did publicity for two local news shows.

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Freelance, Full-time
Dorothy Bayern
Museum content developer and writer San Francisco, CA