Face to Face at UO MNCH

Face to Face was a temporary exhibition that ran from April 2011 to February 2012 at University of Oregon's Museum of Natural and Cultural History. As Exhibitions Coordinator I took on lead work midway through the project.

I devised and implemented a variety of interactives including stamp-and-stickynote response boards, a magnetic mask activity and photo booth, a voting station where visitors confronted questions of what constitutes a mask, and a magnetic venn diagram activity exploring the meanings of masks across cultures.

I laid out the exhibit in SketchUp, researched and wrote labels, trained two graduate interns to assist with mountmaking, and managed procurement and vendor relations.

The exhibition was well received, and the dozens of unobtrusive acrylic mounts that my team and I fabricated for the masks received accolades from the Collections Director—in fact, a few feathered masks from Papua New Guinea kept their "Face to Face" display mounts as long-term storage mounts.

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Dorothy Bayern
Museum content developer and writer San Francisco, CA