Quick Custom Fairy Wings

This began as a prototype set of wings as a last-minute costume for Oregon Country Fair in July 2014.

They were made of five wire clothes hangers, a lot of masking tape and one pair of nylons. The harness is roughly based on a lovely set of wings I bought at OCF about a decade ago. With the right shirt, only the wings are visible.

A few weeks later I helped my niece make a pair, this time using 12-gauge ceiling suspension wire from the hardware store and with extra help from her grandfather.

Her wings were large enough that we used 2 pairs of thigh high stockings to cover the frame. She decided that she liked the way the hold-up tops bunched into a "natural" floppy, flowery shape at her shoulderblades. She'll be adding glitter glue decorations, in designs that she's already sketched out on our wing pattern.

Halloween 2014 saw a half-hour version.

I'd like speed up the process with a jig for the harness and a variety of wing jigs. Keep an eye out for 10-Minute Fairy Wings!

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