My muslin mockup and pattern spread out on the kitchen table.
This corset came into being when I found a small silk something in the draperies section of Thrift Town in the Mission. As I suspected, I could—barely—cut a corset out of it.
Boning channels applied, but no boning yet. Very rumply.
Instant transformation when I added the steel stays.
The torso is literally corseted together.
Garment and mount provide structure for each other.
The corset and torso mount on display at the Exploratorium.
Quick Green Corset and Mount

I started—and nearly completed—this corset in December 2015. The Exploratorium Staff Art Show in March 2016 gave me an excuse to finish it and make a mount for it to boot. These were extremely low-budget hobby items, both made almost exclusively with materials I had on hand at home. The mount would be easy to reproduce in archival materials and install for seismic stability.

The corset is adapted from the late 1890's corset diagram on p. 81 of Norah Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines. The stays, lacing tape, and boning channel were purchased from Lacis in Berkeley.

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