Seeing Time at UO MNCH

Seeing Time, featuring photography by University of Oregon Senior Instructor of Geology Marli Miller, was on display at the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History from January 16 to June 14, 2009. I was hired at MNCH midway through this exhibition's design.

"Seeing Time" was half art show, half geology lesson. Black acrylic cubbies held materials for visitors who wanted to dig deeper: dozens of rock specimens and informational cubes packed with details about geology and geologists.

Preparation for this exhibition was a feat—I don't think the volunteers will ever forgive our team for all of the cubes they cut and folded, and I don't think we'll forgive ourselves for the photo grids. In the end, though, the content was attractive and instructional, and gave visitors a chance to touch and see all kinds of real rock specimens.

In addition to general research and writing, I designed an "Everyday Uses" case juxtaposing raw materials with consumer goods and a section on dating rock.

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Dorothy Bayern
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