Victorian Wedding Ensemble

Once during a conversation about sewing, I joked to a dear friend that I'd make her a wedding dress one day if she'd let me put her in a bustle. She called that favor in just a few years later, and the joke was on me!

The heavy gold linen underskirt peeked under yards and yards of teal dupioni silk overskirts. The coordinating, fully boned gold dupioni corset remained hidden under the smart teal jacket. I did not make a bustle or tournure; the skirts held enough structure on their own to satisfy bride and seamstress.

My friend's spouse got a bonus corset in the deal. It was fronted with the same teal dupioni and featured a a vest-styled brown satin back, notched front, and steampunk trunk swing closures.

I scaled the skirts and jacket from patterns by Truly Victorian. I custom drafted both corsets based on period patterns from Norah Waugh's book, "Corsets and Crinolines." Since they both lived on an island, 300 miles away, in a different country, fittings were far and few between.

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Dorothy Bayern
Museum content developer and writer San Francisco, CA