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Welcome on baptism party! - Another example of using the "1" from the logo of Finnish airline company Blue1.
Do you want to compete with us? - Invitation to a golf tournament.
Euro city postcards - Express transport company Jetpak was giving nice prices to and from selected cities. (There is a Jetpak car in all of the pictures).
Worldwide christmas card for SAS - There were also a digital christmas card with twinkling lights.
SAS Invitational 2000. - Posters, tickets, ads etc for the golf match between the best players from Scandinavia and the world. (In 1999 Tiger Woods played this match).
EuroBonus card. - Card, brochure etc showing the advantages and feeling of freedom using the EuroBonus card.
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Invitations & cards
Douglas Dittmer
Art Director Stockholm, Sweden