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LumBar Stool Front - I created a piece of seating expressing the gravity defying physical forms of the so called mushroom rocks. Mushroom rocks are described as stone structures which have be eroded at a quicker pace lower down the form rather than at the top. Leaving a bulbous globe- like upper section supported on a thin fragile stem.
LumBar Stool Side - To achieve this unusual look I aimed to use materials and methods which will compliment the style of form to create the most aesthetically pleasing shape possible combine with and alien twist.
Lumbar Stool Back
LumBar Stool Underside of Top
Me sat on LumBar Stool - Structurally sound, due to the single 12mm steel bar threaded at either end. Compressing every single layer together tightly. Meaning no glue or adhesive are needed to put this stool together.
LumBar Stool layers before construction
LumBar Stool during construction
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LumBar Stool
James Douglas
Graduate Sheffield, United Kingdom