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EDGE double E logo - The logo for Edge design sprung out of the chosen typeface and the fact that there are two e's in the word "edge".
The corner radius and overall look of the logo was intended to give some of the same feel as the profile of an iPhone, relating to the Edge design products.
By reversing the first E, and centering the middle horizontal bar, I made the logo symmetrical, which was beneficial when the logo is used on the products, as it may be seen from different angles.
EDGE design logo
Edge design business card - Front and rear side of the business card. It is die cut because I wanted it to mimic the outline of their products: protective cases for the iphone.
Logo and stationary - Designed logo, overall graphic profile including business card and stationary
Newspaper layout - Daily page layout, news photography, 35mm film development, scanning and archiving, graphic work.
Trifold brochure - Designed yearly promotional tri-fold brochure for 2007,08. Created a new graphic design.
EMS brochure - Designed new promotional tri-fold brochure
Tahoe house - Designed new promotional tri-fold brochure, pre-press preparations.
Newsletter - Responsible for creating the monthly newsletter and for sending to vendor for printing. I did both editing and layout.
Brochures - Designed various brochures for a car insurance company based on existing independent brand design languages. Prepared for printing.
Stationary - Designed various letterheads, envelopes, cards etc. for car insurance company.
Patent drawing - Executed and reviewed various patent drawings for several legal companies.
Design presentation - A page taken from research page on a electric bike project.
Design presentation
Poster - Poster created for a car insurance company. Displayed at car dealerships in Europe.
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Graphic Design

Here are a couple of examples of graphic design I have worked on; logos, custom typefaces, business cards, brochures, flyers, newspapers, as well as patent illustrations while working for a legal firm.

Peter Hansen
Designer Oakland, CA