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Transformers ULT W1
There is no better way to roll out a new collection of Transformers than with the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime! Based on his look from the original G1 cartoon, this 7? highly-articulated deluxeaction figure is made-to-order and includesa variety of unique interchangeable parts,like his G1 toy-accurate head, Sideswipe’s jetpack, a surfboard, and a basketball! Recreate Optimus Prime’s basketball game from “The Master Builders” episode, catch a giant wave as seen in “The Ultimate Doom,”or get him under control with Energon restraints as seen in “SOS Dinobots!” His amazing set of accessories also include an Energon Axe, Matrix of Leadership, and Ion Blaster. Last but certainly not least, Optimus Prime is accompanied by a miniature Spike Witwicky!
It’s your old buddy Starscream! Once relegated to the Decepticon Crypt, now the Ghost of Starscream is free to haunt your Transformers lineup. Based on the episode “Starscream’s Ghost” from the original G1 cartoon, Starscream returns as a sparkling robo-ghost after being blasted into oblivion by Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie. This figure features glitter injected directly into the translucent plastic to achieve this hauntingly beautiful, sparkly look. This 7?highly-articulated deluxe action figure is made-to-order and includes a variety of interchangeable parts, such as a G1 toy-accurate head.
This master of Crystalocution will dismantle you in seconds then sell off your scraps! Based on the original Action Master figure from the ‘90s, Banzai-Tron comes with his Action Master partner Razor-Sharp, and his Photon Neutralizer that combine to form his massive Semi-Automatic Gun! This 7? highly-articulated deluxe action figure is made-to-order and includes a variety of interchangeable parts. Add Banzai-Tron and the rest of the first wave of Transformers ULTIMATES! to your collection today!
Don’t bug out, but Insecticon baddie Bombshell is just itching to use his cerebro-shells to start causing mayhem! Based on the original European Action Master figure from the ‘90s, Bombshell is accompanied by his Robot Scarab partnerNeedler! This 7? highly-articulated deluxe action figure is made-to-order and includes a variety of interchangeable parts, like his Twin Ion Impulse Blasters and Short Burst Stinger Rifle.
When it comes to the latest additions to the Transformers ULTIMATES! lineup, you don’t need to weigh the pros and cons because the only “cons” are Decepticons and they’re actually pretty awesome. This second wave includes Autobots Grimlock (in Dino Mode!) and the stylish Tracks, along with Decepticon leader Megatron and the master of Metallikato, Bludgeon! These 7.5” to 9" scale made-to-order, highly articulated Transformers ULTIMATES! figures include a variety of interchangeable parts and super fun extras, inspired by the G1 cartoon and toys!
Super7’s latest wave of Transformers ULTIMATES! has something for just about any type of Transformers collector! Wave 3 stars Alligaticon from the original animated series, the G2 version of Megatron, Tarn as seen in the IDW comic series, and G1 Wreck-Gar for the Junkion junkies!
Hide your Energon cubes, it looks like the Decepticons have gotten the upperhand! Super7’s latest wave of Transformers ULTIMATES! figures have things looking pretty dire for the Autobots! With Fallen Leader Optimus Prime from The Transformers: The Movie, and G1 Decepticon baddies Starscream and Soundwave looking as devious and formidable as ever, these Transformers ULTIMATES! are just what anyone who roots for the bad guys has been waiting for! As bad as things look for the Autobots, your Transformers collection will be in for an even worse fate if you miss out on these made-to-order Transformers ULTIMATES! figures of Fallen Leader Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Soundwave!
Between Megatron reformatting into the even more menacing Galvatron, and King Starscream at the moment Galvatron returned to reclaim his place on top of the Decepticons, every Transformers movie fan will need these two new made-to-order ULTIMATES! figures in their collection!
The new Toxic Crusaders ULTIMATES! figures are here to help you relive the fight against pollution and the alien invaders from planet Smogula! These 7” scale deluxe action figures of your favorite pollution-fighting group of misfit superheroes will be prime additions to any Toxic Crusaders collection!
What’s made-to-order with the same care and attention to detail that SpongeBob uses to make KrabbyPatties? It’s Super7’s new SpongeBob SquarePants ULTIMATES! Figures! Lovers of the show’s high-energy hijinks know that SpongeBob and Sandy Cheeks are the perfect pair to debut the SpongeBob SquarePants line of ULTIMATES! figures. Whether practicing karate, jellyfishing, or taking on an extreme sport, these two are always up for adventure! These made-to-order, highly articulated, deluxe 7” scale action figures feature a variety of interchangeable parts and iconic accessories that will transform your collection into Bikini Bottom!
They are the alpha and omega of the Bikini Bottom intellectual spectrum, so whether you gravitate toward a sophisticate who dabbles in the arts, or a simpleton who babbles about bubbles, Super7 is proud to welcome Squidward and Patrick to the SpongeBob SquarePants ULTIMATES! family of figures! Each of these made-to-order 7” scale figures features intricate sculpting and highly detailed paint as well as a variety of accessories that highlight their highly disparate personalities and hobbies.
Super7 Ultimates! - Transformers, Toxie and SpongeBob

Highly detailed and intricately sculpted, Super7's ULTIMATES! action figures are sure to impress! With interchangeable heads and hands as well as an arsenal of accessories, they're a collector's dream come true!

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