Assignment: Create and design toy programs that build the Wendy’s brand with kids that sets them apart from the competition. Our Solution: Create a proprietary Wendy’s Kid’s Meal brand featuring illustrations and toys with artistic ingenuity. Each toy program would be designed to foster creativity and open-ended play for kids ages 3-8, and simultaneously lay out a consistent brand look and feel for the Wendy’s Kid’s Meals.
Camp Wannago 2
Camp Wannago 1
Create Your Adventure
Creative Crates
Create A Monsterpiece
Color Your World
Build Your Creativity
Craft A Happy Holiday
Craft A Happy Holiday
Play Your Way
Wendy's Kids' Meal Toys

Craft compelling consumer experiences through premium promotions that build brand loyalty for Wendy's, the second largest QSR in the US. Oversee a design team of graphic designers, industrial designers, and engineers to deliver on the creative vision of the promotion. Responsible for providing creative direction and approval on all elements relating to premiums from graphic layouts to toy multi-views.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mondo Roque
Creative Director | Product Design & Development Fullerton, CA